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Passport Denied Due to Back Taxes? Get Help Now!

Have you recently been denied a passport due to IRS back taxes? The State Department has the right to deny you a passport if you have excessive IRS back tax debt. If this denial is interfering with your business or personal travel plans, you can turn to IRS Tax Attorney Expert John A. Sterbick for back tax assistance in Tacoma. With my help, you can secure a tax resolution option that will eliminate the stress of back taxes and help you get your passport application approved!

If you owe $50,000 or more in unpaid back taxes, including penalties and fees, the IRS may work with the State Department to deny your passport application or even revoke your existing passport. This could seriously limit your ability to do business or to spend time with your family. Fortunately, you don't just have to accept this denial. With help from an experienced back tax lawyer such as myself, you'll be able to work with the IRS to relieve your back tax debt and secure your passport.

If you need help dealing with a passport denial due to back tax issues, call IRS Tax Attorney Expert John A. Sterbick at (253) 948-3649 right away. I'll work with you to determine what the best resolution option is for your needs and get the IRS off your back!

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